Execution Overview

High level overview of the implementation and execution flow.


The service features both a controller file which acts as the entrypoint whenever the Lambda function is invoked as well as a calculator file which receives JSON data from Questrades’ API and calculates balances & creates the summary text to be sent via Slack. The entire pipeline is written in Python (v3.6).

Execution Flow

The following is a high level list of chronoical events that occur when the lambda function is invoked:

  1. Refresh token and API url are fetched from DynamoDB

  2. Access token is obtained from Questrade API

  3. Requests sent to Balance/Position endpoints of Questrade API

  4. Percentage Changes are calculated and summary message is constructed

  5. Summary message is sent to Slack

0001-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC