Week 6



  1. Production slackbot demo

  2. Complex workflows & further integrations

  3. Wrap-Up & End-of-Term Survey

Breakdown of Tasks

Today I will give a brief demo of the Slack automation bot I created while working at Loblaw Digital. This bot is responsible for automating store manager requests to help ease the online grocery process. This bot features much more complex workflows and interactions with API’s other than Slack’s.

By now,you should know how to create a simple bot with the help of the Hedwig adapter which can listen and respond to user actions in Slack channels as well as send pre-configured reminders and notifications. You should also be able to understand the limitations that come with the use of the Hedwig Slack adapter.

To allow more freedom and flexiblity, a more complex bot will often implement its own connection interface with Slack, allowing you richer and more specific interactions according to the nature of your bot. There have been bots for slack created in many other languages, one of the big ones recently being node.js. You can find links on how to create simple serverless bots for Slack in node.js below.

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you this term, and I hope you come back to Coffee N’ Code in future terms, whether it be as a general member or executive. Please remember to complete the end-of-term survey as your feedback is greatly appreciated to help me improve my teaching style for future terms. Stay connected with us on Facebook and I wish you happy holidays and the best in the future!





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