Automation Wizards

Workshops conducted for UW Coffee 'N Code Society on creating bots and automating them to perform tasks.


Automation Wizards is a project on bot creation and automation taught as a part of UW Coffee N’ Code in Fall 2018. This project is designed for students with little to no programming experience as it will teach how to create bots to interact with from the ground up. Students will be exposed to various new technical skills, including familiarity with git and version control, iteratively building a bot using an existing bot template, and an introduction to OAuth and configuring tokens and permissions to interact with Slack. We will also look into how to automate processes with our bot by using a cron-job-like scheduler (quantum) so that it can send us reminders and notifications.

UW Coffee N’ Code

UW Coffee N’ Code is a student run club aiming to break down the barriers into the tech industry, acting as the stepping stone for students wanting to dive into the tech world.

Every term, we teach 4-5 projects in parallel on a weekly basis ranging from software, hardware, design and data science. Your goal is to pick one of the projects and to work through it until the end of the term to have a completed project plus new technical skills under your belt!

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Tech Stack

  1. Elixir (Language)

  2. Phoenix (Routing Framework)

  3. Slack (Platform)

Project Breakdown

  1. Introduction to our tech stack and IDE setup

  2. Introduction to Slack API & Bot setup

  3. Git crash course

  4. Writing slackbot responders

  5. Quantum scheduling

  6. Further integrations

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