Muneeb Azam

Infrastructure Engineer at Apple
BCS from University of Waterloo

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As a computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo, I had the opportunity to challenge and broaden my skills by interning at several tech companies which taught me how to build high-performance, fault-tolerant solutions for companies that operate at a global scale. I am currently working as an Infrastructure Engineer at Apple California, where I have had the ability to work on many high-impact projects.

With projects ranging from a serverless AWS Lambda pipeline to automatically update a websites content from github in real-time to a Slackbot which fetches market & portfolio data from Questrade and renders it in Slack, I have taken it upon myself to use the skills I have acquired to build solutions that can help automate my daily life. I also enjoy teaching others how technology can be leveraged, and conducted workshops on creating serverless bots to automate day to day tasks as a Project Lead for the Coffee N' Code club at the University of Waterloo. Check out my projects in greater detail below!



Connect users in their area through the asking & receiving of favours for common daily scenarios.
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Slackbot which displays market & account information from Questrade into a summarized view on Slack.
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Automatically updates a website in real-time using documentation that lives in your git repository.
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Automation Wizards

Workshops conducted for UW Coffee 'N Code Society on creating bots and automating them to perform tasks.
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